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Do you have stuff lying around from the old high school days? Here's our collection.
If you'd like to share yours, send a photo or a scan via email

In Loving Memory...

RHS Ala Mater at
30th Reunion

RHS '72 Graduation

30th Reunion Party
Slide Show

RHS '72 Graduation Film
(Quicktime required)

RHS '72 Graduation Reccessional Map

recessional_map.jpg (18580 bytes)

RHS Seal

rhs_seal.jpg (44269 bytes)

by Frankie Avalon

I Don't Know How To Love Him by Yvonne Elliman

RHS '72 Class Rings

Aerial Photo of
1972 RHS Campus

Blank Report Card

Hallway Destination
Pass (w/signature)

destination_pass.jpg (19321 bytes)

Days Of My Youth
by Kui Lee

Days Of My Youth
Band Sheet Music

domy_sheetmusic.jpg (67205 bytes)

RHS '72 30th Reunion Souvenir CD

souvenir_cd.jpg (75464 bytes)

HRT Bus Transfer

Newspaper All-Star
Pep Squad

Social Club
Announcement Cards

Pep Rally
Fight Ribbons

RHS 1972 Pep Squad

pepsquad.jpg (30904 bytes)

KKUA Official Hawaii
Top 69 for 1972

Kkua.jpg (133077 bytes)

Everyday With You Girl
by Classics IV

Dance Ticket
May 12, 1972

dance ticket.jpg (15798 bytes)

The Horse
by Cliff Nobles & Company


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OIA Student Activity Book

oiaticket.jpg (15203 bytes)

1380 KPOI Action 20
June 17, 1972

action20.jpg (95977 bytes)

OIA Football Classic Souvenir Program

Designer Bag
circa 1967

10th, 20th, 30th
Reunion Programs

Georgy Girl
by The Seekers

Endless Summer

Pipeline Sequence
by Honk


Mistletoe Ball Bid
December 20, 1971

prombid.jpg (18840 bytes) prombid1.gif (37760 bytes)

Senior Class
Play Program

 seniorplay1.jpg (65022 bytes) seniorplay2.jpg (84851 bytes)

Commencement Ball Bid May 28, 1972

ballbid.jpg (17882 bytes) ballbid1.gif (59306 bytes)

Hall Pass for
Make-Up Work

makeup_pass.jpg (17888 bytes)

RHS Pep Squad
Varsity Letter

varsity letter.jpg (20288 bytes)

Do You Wanna Dance
by Love Society

K-POI Top 300
Marathon of Hits 1972

top300.gif (50459 bytes) top300_2.gif (94124 bytes) top300_3.gif (149597 bytes)
top300_4&5.gif (147280 bytes)   top300_6&7.gif (178506 bytes)

Summer Sun
by Jamestown Massacre

Senior Class Officers

officers.jpg (53203 bytes)

Tardy Pass

tardypass.jpg (19733 bytes)

Rough Rider

pennant.gif (186399 bytes)

20th Reunion
August 21, 1992

20threunion.jpg (77886 bytes)

by Three Dog Night

Rough Rider Graduation Issue June 2, 1972

roughrider.gif (547252 bytes)

Off Campus Pass

Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

Carnival Bumper Sticker
December 6-7, 1971

carnival bumper sticker.jpg (30537 bytes)

30th Reunion
August 16, 202

harrison_lai.jpg (53178 bytes)


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Roosevelt High School Class Of 1972 Honolulu Hawaii